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Air travel is included in GPC but I can’t see it on Snapshot – what is the rationale?

Air travel is indeed included in GPC. Snapshot does include domestic air travel according to prescribed GPC methodologies. Snapshot includes domestic air travel within the municipality where data is available (as of early 2020 the data is available for 44 airports in Australia). For smaller domestic airports that are not included in this data set, the emissions associated with air travel are usually very small as compared to other sectors of the community emissions profile. It’s important to note that domestic air travel is attributed to the municipality in which the aircraft take off and land (i.e. where the airport is). If you take a look at the Snapshot for Hume you will note that emissions for air travel are very high, as Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport is within the municipal boundary. This is as consistent with the GPC methodology. See the detailed Snapshot Methodology here, outlining in more detail how we account for air travel emissions. Air travel is represented within the profile of the municipality – and that of other municipalities with airports within their boundary if applicable.

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