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Can we use our local data from distribution businesses for stationary energy?

Individual data sources are a little more challenging, and it depends on the type of data and sector. For example, if you have more granular or “Tier 2” data for stationary energy from a distribution business (DNSPs) then contact Snapshot and we can discuss potential inclusion as long as it is GPC compliant. What commonly happens is this data from do not include large energy users for privacy reasons. Frustratingly, sometimes this is not disclosed.

The GPC protocol, which is like the accounting protocol for emissions at the municipal scale, requires data sets to be “complete”. So, unless you can prove that it is a complete data set and the DNSP hasn’t excluded any data, it cannot be used. The Snapshot team are working on more strategic approaches with DNSPs around Australia on data requirements, and any councils with experience or interest in being involved in this are encouraged to contact us.

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