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Can we use Snapshot to communicate with residents on changing their behaviour to reduce emissions?

Snapshot can provide a basis to engage with the community. For instance, using the residential emissions from Snapshot can show the relative scale of emissions from the residential sector. This can communicate to residents the emissions reductions as a result of collective behaviour change or other community-wide initiatives/programs. Perhaps the most effective way that a Snapshot profile can be used with the residential sector is to show the impact that advocacy to the State Government, Federal Government or local industries may have.

An important learning from Snapshot is also that the residential sector may not be the best focus area for a Council or an organisation if they are hoping to create large-scale emissions reductions. For most municipalities, there will be sectors such as the industrial sector or the agricultural sector that will have very large portions of emissions but significantly fewer stakeholders. This means that the opportunity per stakeholder is far greater in those sectors than in residential, where there is a very high number of stakeholders and only a small opportunity for reduction from each. Whilst individual actions demonstrate commitment to a positive cause, climate change will not be resolved without systematic changes from government and industry.

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