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How can I ascertain my community’s percentage of renewable energy uptake?

This information is not currently available through the Snapshot estimate. It should be noted that the rooftop solar PV installation (as of September 2016) in your LGA has been accounted for whilst the large scale generators in your LGA are not accounted for. If you are interested in more recent distribution of solar PV in your community we recommend checking out the Australian Photo Voltaic Institute’s website which has lots of useful resources for mapping and planning solar at the municipal scale. The Clean Energy Regulator also provides postcode level data on small and large scale renewable energy installations.

There are some great projects undertaken by community groups such as the Hepburn Z-NET program Hepburn Z-NET program which utilised smart meter data from the Distribution Network Service Providers and triangulated this with the council rates database, postcode level solar PV data from the Clean Energy Regulator and generation data from the local wind farm.

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