Frequently Asked Questions

How is Snapshot funded?

Snapshot was created by Ironbark Sustainability and BZE with support from the Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation, and Sustainability Victoria. Sustainability Victoria provided initial funding to develop the tool to enable and conduct a process of review and endorsement from other experts such as Renew and ICLEI Oceania.

Since then, a range of other state and local governments, and organisations have also supported the expansion and development of Snapshot to cover all municipalities, electorate areas, and states in Australia and include new, higher quality data sets. Go to our Supporters page for the full line up of all of Snapshot’s funders and supporters and partners.

Based on visitor data, Australian councils saved more than $900,000 through the use of this tool in 2023. The use and value of Snapshot Climate increases every year as more councils address community-wide emissions.

However, Snapshot Climate requires ongoing and additional support from users to continue to update, maintain and improve the data. If you want to be a sponsor, get in touch with us at

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