Frequently Asked Questions

My Snapshot reports data that is different to how we have reported community-wide emissions and previous emissions profiles. Why the difference?

Firstly, note that your profile will change. Your Snapshot profile will change. This is not like developing an internal corporate inventory where you have access to real data.

Expect changes.

The Snapshot team undertake ongoing research, development, and stakeholder liaison to ensure our methodologies and tools are in-line with best practice at the time of calculation. This means that when new data sets, sources, methodologies and information becomes available, we will adapt our tools to incorporate these and emissions profiles will change. We remain dynamic, as science always should.

Our ongoing development means that as we continue to learn and move onto future versions, profiles will continue to change. This isn’t a bad thing - it means we are understanding the problem better and remain at the forefront of emissions data and management.

Many councils will have historical profiles that have been developed using different methodologies and data sets. There may be differences in the methodologies applied, and it should be noted that many profiles will not have been developed in line with the GPC standards. If you have an independently developed profile that you feel presents a discrepancy then please send it to us and we will assess inclusion within the Snapshot database on an individual basis.

There are several municipalities that have completed detailed emissions profiles which have been verified. In their case, the results have been hard coded into the tool, and these results are provided in place of the Snapshot profile.

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