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All changes to profile methods and data sources are detailed below. If you have any unanswered questions on the latest update let us know at

Transport – On Road

  • Updated data sets will impact profiles from 2018 onwards without Google EIE data.

Transport – On Road Freight

  • This is an additional category to account for commercial “automobiles” not including heavy use vehicles. This will impact all municipalities with EIE data from 2018 onwards
  • Previously, it was assumed that this category included both passenger vehicles and medium/heavy vehicles. However, after validating Google EIE state totals against alternative data sets it was clear that this category was limited to passenger vehicles. Therefore, automobiles emissions are limited to passenger vehicles and a separate category “On Road Freight” based on modelled data is included. This will impact all profiles from 2018 onwards with Google EIE data and will see an increase in emissions.

Transport – Aviation

  • The previous methodology scaled data across years whereas the new methodology updates the data annually.
  • There are approximately 30 additional municipalities with aviation data. This will impact all municipalities.
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