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What is included in Aviation?

Snapshot includes emissions from domestic passenger travel according to prescribed GPC methodologies on the main commercial air carriers for all states. Data is currently available for 131 airports. Passenger activity data at the major airport level is sourced from Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE). Data for regional airports has been included for NSW only where available through Transport Services NSW. Emissions from all regional airports within other states have not yet been included. The Snapshot team will continue to work towards sourcing complete and reliable data sets from regional airports across Australia as part of the ongoing development of the tool.

It’s important to note that domestic air travel is attributed to the municipality in which the aircraft take off and land (i.e. where the airport is). If you take a look at the Snapshot for Hume you will note that emissions for air travel are very high, as Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport is within the municipal boundary. This is as consistent with the GPC methodology. Air travel is represented within the profile of the municipality – and that of other regions such as electorates which have airports within their boundary.

For more information on Aviation calculations please see the Methodology document which can be downloaded from the Resources page.

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