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What is included in Landfill Waste?

Waste disposal and treatment produces greenhouse gas emissions through aerobic or anaerobic decomposition, or incineration. Greenhouse gas emissions from solid waste are calculated by disposal route, namely landfill, biological treatment and incineration, and open burning. If methane is recovered from solid waste treatment facilities as an energy source, it is reported under Stationary Energy. Similarly, emissions from incineration with energy recovery are reported under Stationary Energy. Waste includes emissions associated with the breakdown of waste materials. The transport fuel consumed from the collection waste is included in the Transport sector.

In line with the GPC, waste emissions are calculated at the point of waste generation rather than waste treatment. Snapshot waste emissions for the state are distributed across all regions based on population and other factors. This enables regions who do not have waste treatment facilities within their boundary to understand the impacts of waste generated locally. This is similar to the approach taken for electricity whereby emissions are counted by the region in which the electricity is used rather than where the power plant is located.

For more information on Waste calculations please see the Methodology document which can be downloaded from the Resources page.

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