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Which of the reporting periods have the Google EIE data?

Profiles from 2018 include Google data where possible. There are many reasons why a profile can change over time including changes in emissions sources, updates to methodology, more accurate data sources or climate action. Given the sector is on a long-term mission to improve data sources and granularity, it’s important to note that most changes will be due to methodology and data improvements. This might seem a little confusing, but we still feel it’s better to use the improved and more accurate data sources and methodologies as they come to hand rather than old and “less accurate” sources. The key is to be transparent and keep the communications as clear as possible - which we’re trying to do!

So to summarise, if you are one of the council areas that has access to Google transport data you will likely see that the 2018 calendar year reporting period is different to the others. It will also include an asterix notifying you that the data is sourced from Google.

Rest assured that as new data comes to light and as well improve the profiles of every council in Australia, we’ll keep updating and we’ll let you know as we do.

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