Frequently Asked Questions

Why have earlier profiles changed with this update?

Each update incorporates improved data and methods across all sectors. Where new data sets and methods are available and appropriate for previous reporting periods, the profiles for these earlier periods will also be updated in line with the newest profile methods.

There are two key benefits to updating earlier profiles:

  • Maintaining best practice across all profiles: It is important that councils and communities have access to the highest quality profiles for all reporting periods on Snapshot. To present profiles that are not utilising the best available data and methods would be going against the underlying principles of Snapshot.

  • Tracking trends over time: Snapshot now enables users to compare profiles from different reporting periods and track high-level trends over several years. If profiles are using different data and methods for different years, there is no apples-for-apples comparison and tracking trends over time is very difficult.

We understand this can be challenging if a previous version of the profile has been used in public communications or as a baseline for emissions reduction. However, the world of community emissions profiles is always a dynamic one and we encourage Snapshot users to focus on the benefits of updated profiles for advancing existing strategies and action plans. See How do I communicate changes to earlier profiles? for further tips.

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