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Will Snapshot be an ongoing resource to enable monitoring and evaluation of wider community efforts to curb emissions?

The short answer is yes, it will be an ongoing resource. However as a general rule, municipal-wide emissions profiles (whether through Snapshot or other programs) are not appropriate tools to monitor the impact of a project. The impact of community or council-led projects will fall within the margin of error of a modelled emissions profile. The data and methodology underpinning Snapshot are as robust as you can find in Australia, but there is not enough granularity and too much susceptibility to change from external factors to allow for monitoring of community projects. For example, even with extremely detailed activity data on energy use, if the state government did something tomorrow that changes the state emissions factor (like, closed a coal-fired power station) this would have a significant impact on emissions without any changes in the community. Therefore, the community emissions profiles are not currently suitable as a monitoring tool. We recommend targeted monitoring of the actions itself once implementation of actions has commenced. As we improve on data granularity over time we expect this to change.

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