The data displayed on this page is drawn from a third party report, and covers all of Greater Sydney. To see this report please go to the following link:

Exploring Net Zero Emissions for Greater Sydney

Greater Sydney

2017 municipal emissions snapshot

Electricity 59.75%

  • Residential 23.90%
  • Commercial 35.85%
  • Industrial 0.00%

Gas 0.00%

  • Residential 0.00%
  • Commercial 0.00%
  • Industrial 0.00%

Transport 29.98%

Waste 10.27%

Total municipal emissions
47 700 000
t CO2e

Greater Sydney is the largest city in Australia. It is highly diverse geographically and includes a broad range of uses across residential, commercial, and industrial activities, with the largest source of emissions being from electricity.

Total carbon emissions for the city has been increasing depite improvements in energy efficiency and other measures, largely due to the growing population

SourceSectorEmissions (t CO2e)
Electricity Residential11 400 000
Commercial17 100 000
Gas Residential0
TransportOn road14 300 000
Domestic air travel0
WasteLandfill4 900 000
Land Use0

Land Use data is not used in the chart nor the displayed total municipal emissions.

Land area11 762 km2
Population4 984 338
Gross regional product$ 412 317 000 000
Climate zone6
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