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2017 municipal emissions snapshot

Electricity 46.35%

  • Residential 22.39%
  • Commercial 7.38%
  • Industrial 16.58%

Gas 12.71%

  • Residential 4.29%
  • Commercial 0.98%
  • Industrial 7.44%

Transport 36.46%

Waste 4.03%

Total municipal emissions
1 379 500
t CO2e

Onkaparinga is a city that is small in area relative to the state average and has a high urban density. It’s major emissions source is electricity consumption, due to the community’s scale of population and commercial activity. The second largest source of emissions is on road transportation.

The carbon emissions for Onkaparinga have had a notable reduction since 2005, with a reverse occurring in the last few years.

SourceSectorEmissions (t CO2e)
Electricity Residential308 900
Commercial101 800
Industrial228 700
Gas Residential59 200
Commercial13 500
Industrial102 600
TransportOn road502 900
Domestic air travel0
WasteLandfill35 800
Water19 800
Agriculture6 300
Land Use-100

Land Use data is not used in the chart nor the displayed total municipal emissions.

Land area518 km2
Population170 404
Gross regional product$ 4 934 000 000
Climate zone5
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