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Huon Valley

2018 municipal emissions snapshot

Electricity 25%

  • Residential 8%
  • Commercial 3%
  • Industrial 14%

Gas 13%

  • Residential 1%
  • Commercial 1%
  • Industrial 11%

Transport 50%

  • On road 50%

Waste 6%

Total municipal emissions
169 500
t CO2e

Huon Valley is a municipality that is moderate in size relative to the state average and has a low urban density. Its major emissions source is on road transportation, due to the community’s larger commuting and other travel requirements. The second largest source of emissions is electricity consumption.

There are many reasons why a profile can change over time including changes in emissions sources, updates to methodology and more accurate data sources. Read our FAQs for more information.

SourceSectorEmissions (t CO2e)
Electricity Residential13 900
Commercial5 900
Industrial22 300
Gas Residential100
Commercial3 000
Industrial19 700
TransportOn road83 500
Domestic air travel0
WasteLandfill8 100
Water2 900
Agriculture10 100
Land Use2 900

Land Use data is not used in the chart nor the displayed total municipal emissions.

Land area5 507 km2
Population17 219
Gross regional product$ 605 750 000
Climate zone7