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ACT Greenhouse Gas Inventory for 2017-18

Unincorporated ACT

2017/18 municipal emissions snapshot

Electricity 48%

  • Residential 48%

Gas 12%

  • Residential 12%

Transport 37%

  • On road 37%

Waste 2%

Total municipal emissions
3 083 500
t CO2e

Unincorporated ACT is a city that is geographically small relative to the state average and has a very high urban density. Its major emissions source is residential electricity consumption, due to the community’s relatively large population. The second largest source of emissions is on road transportation.

There are many reasons why a profile can change over time including changes in emissions sources, updates to methodology and more accurate data sources. Read our FAQs for more information.

SourceSectorEmissions (t CO2e)
Electricity Residential1 467 800
Gas Residential372 400
TransportOn road1 147 000
Domestic air travel0
WasteLandfill60 700
Water11 600
Agriculture24 000
Land Use-9 800

Land Use data is not used in the chart nor the displayed total municipal emissions.

Land area2 358 km2
Population416 202
Gross regional product$ 37 115 000 000
Climate zone6
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