It is always great to hear from Snapshot users about the various ways they are utilising the data on the ground. The positive feedback we receive also helps supports us to continue to be able to provide Snapshot as a free resource by demonstrating the value it adds to the important climate action work of councils and communities. Below is a selection of some of the love shared for Snapshot. If you would like to share a short case study or testimonial on how you use Snapshot data in your work get in touch at hello@snapshotclimate.com.au.

Sharing the love


      • Easily Accessible

        “The Snapshot tool is the most easily accessible emissions data for Councils.

        Community emissions data is time consuming to calculate and difficult to have confidence in accuracy. Having the data so easily accessible is very valuable - we have used it for about 4 years in climate change reporting, plans, presentations, IP&R Reporting, and to raise awareness internally of our community’s emissions.”

      • Critical

        Organisations like Ironbark, and tools like Snapshot are critical as we face our changing climate and challenges, and scramble to catch up on the many decades Australia has lost in policy, strategy and innovation development. Ironbark has been there through the tough times, the long times, the dispiriting times, and pulled us through. I know we’re all glad we have the Ironbark team, and the fantastic Snapshot tool available to turn to as we march into this future.

      • Communication

        “Snapshot is a fantastic communications tool to inform the community and decision makers, whether you’re starting the conversation about LGA-level emissions or wondering where to target your action, it brings the big climate issue much closer to home.”

      • Brilliant

        “Having the emissions data for our community has been invaluable. The visual layout of the website allows for easy identification of where and what actions are needed to reduce emissions in our shire. It’s brilliant data!!”

      • Evidence Based

        “The Snapshot data is imperative for Council and the community to make evidence based decisions on how to reduce emissions and become carbon neutral by 2040. Showing emissions categories, such as transport, agriculture, waste, etc help to target carbon reduction pathways.”

      • Love It

        “Love it, vital info in for so many purposes”

      Community Groups

      • Wow

        “Snapshot has been, like wow, to people and organisations that I’ve shown it to. It’s not just the snapshot but all there at a snap of the fingers, for all LGA! Great work and keep up the improvements.”

      • Advocacy

        “Geelong Sustainability has frequently used the Snapshot data in its advocacy to local and state government. The sector analyses have informed our strategic priorities regarding which activities can deliver the most impactful emissions reduction.”

      Policy Makers

      • Hugely Valuable

        “Snapshot is a hugely valuable dataset for urban planning, transport, and climate change teams. The tool will greatly assist with policy development, intervention design, and program evaluation; and will save councils an enormous amount of time and effort.”

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          If you would like to share a short case study or testimonial on how you use Snapshot data in your work get in touch at hello@snapshotclimate.com.au.

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